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Dipti Vichhivora

Handwriting Analysis Expert | Signature Transformation Consultant | International Graphology Trainer| Founder and Director, Handwriting Speaks | Drawing & Doodle Analyst | Graphotherapist

Dipti Vichhivora is a Certified Graphologist & a Coach from more than a Decade. She has analysed more than 10000 samples and trained more than 5000 individuals + Professionals till date.

Our mission at Handwriting Speaks is to leverage our advanced methodologies in signature analysis to empower individuals in their pursuit of happiness and success. 

Through our insights, we aspire to guide individuals towards a path of self-discovery, enabling them to unlock their true potential."

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Ready to explore the captivating world of graphology? Look no further. At Handwriting Speaks, we offer a comprehensive range of professional graphology services and certified courses designed to empower you in various aspects of life:

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Experience the depth and precision of our graphology expertise, whether you're seeking personal growth, understanding relationships, making wise business decisions, or honing your skills through our courses. 

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